Communicating With Tact, Diplomacy and Professionalism [CWTDP]

Communicating With Tact, Diplomacy and Professionalism [CWTDP]

Date/Time: Date(s) - 07/11/2022 - 09/11/2022( 8:00 am - 5:00 pm )
Location: Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur


To be successful and effective in any workplace, we need to be professional in our approach to all situations. Our behavior and communication skills send messages to others. To build and maintain credibility, we must be tactful and diplomatic, no matter what the situation. There are people who seem to know exactly what to do and say in any situation. Faced with an angry citizen or a tense negotiation, they don’t falter or seem to get upset—they keep calm and navigate with skill through the encounter. Not surprisingly, the diplomats who demonstrate that kind of poise and presence is also the person who rapidly rises through the ranks. Great communicators are made, not born—it’s a matter of having the right knowledge and tools. Through practical information on these subjects and condensed it into a highly interactive training program. At the completion of this training, you’ll feel confident and comfortable communicating with diplomacy, tact, and professionalism.


  • Master the techniques of diplomacy and tact to thrive in today’s business environment
  • Gain, strengthen and maintain strong credibility with others in the workplace
  • Develop stronger, more effective listening skills for more effective communication
  • Recognize different personality types and determine how to work with each
  • Successfully negotiate without formal authority
  • Lead productive meetings that benefit everyone—and waste time for no one
  • Deliver feedback and handle disagreements with diplomacy—even in heated situations
  • Keep a positive mindset and open communication to deal effectively with any type of conflict

Course Outline

Module 1: Fundamentals of Communication

To be a tactful and successful communicator, it’s important to understand and cultivate top-notch communication skills. Without foundations, an individual may self-sabotage.

  • Outline the traditional communication model
  • Describe the elements of total communication
  • Articulate key techniques for strengthening communication skills

Module 2: Communicating With Tact and Diplomacy

Effective, tactful communication preserves relationships, builds credibility and demonstrates thoughtfulness.

  • Identify diplomatic and tactful communication techniques and strategies
  • Explain the benefits of diplomacy and tact
  • Describe strategies to avoid common communication problems

Module 3: Strengthening Credibility and Work Relationships

Tactful communication—along with emotional intelligence, respect, thoughtfulness and compassion—are vital for credibility and success at work.

  • Summarize the importance of interpersonal skills
  • Explain strategies for building alliances
  • Discuss what behaviors are needed to present credibility

Module 4: Powerful Listening Skills

Effective communication is more than speaking, it is also listening and understanding the message.

  • Explain the benefits of skillful listening
  • Describe the attributes of a good listener
  • Summarize keys to effective listening

Module 5: Communicating With Different Personality Types

Effective communicators are very aware of how others perceive their behaviors and are able to avoid misunderstanding a great deal of the time.

  • Summarize the different personality styles and their characteristics
  • Describe communication strategies suited to each of the personality styles
  • Discuss how to work effectively with various personality styles

Module 6: Positive Persuasion

When a person lacks formal authority, influencing is vitally important to persuade or successfully negotiate with others.

  • Summarize strategies for negotiating
  • Identify persuasion techniques and tools
  • Describe how to deal productively with objections and resistance

Module 7: Leading Productive Meetings

Meetings should be a forum in which decisions are made, consensus is reached, and action is taken.

  • Articulate methods to communicate, lead and participate effectively in meetings
  • List communication obstacles in meetings
  • Summarize strategies for responding to challenges, comments and questions

Module 8: Communicating With Tact in Difficult Situations

There are some conversations that require the utmost skill in diplomacy and finesse.

  • Describe best-practice communication techniques to use in difficult conversations
  • Express strategies to effectively handle disagreements or misunderstandings
  • Articulate methods that help focus on getting a correct message

Module 9: Managing Conflicts and Preventing Communication Problems

Conflict can occur in any organization when employees with diverse cultures, backgrounds, work values and priorities work together.

  • Describe how to utilize a positive and constructive mindset
  • Explain tactics to handle other people’s conflicts
  • Identify ways to prevent or reduce defensive behavior

Training Methodology

  • Case Studies.
  • Individual and group discussions and exercises.
  • Intensive training by using templates, diagrams, and charts.
  • Planning activities and presentations.
  • Self-assessments.
  • Action plan.

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