Medical Coding (International Classification of Diseases ICD-10)

Medical Coding (International Classification of Diseases ICD-10)

Date/Time: Date(s) - 19/12/2022 - 21/12/2022( 8:00 am - 5:00 pm )
Location: Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur


With the adoption of ICD-10-CM (diagnosis Codes), stakeholders will have the chance to realize increased specificity in clinical information that can lead to more accurate and timely reimbursements, better quality of patient care and improves disease and care management. ICD-10-CM incorporates much greater clinical detail Than ICD-9-CM. The terminology and disease classification have been updated to be consistent with current clinical practices.
Leveraging the ICD-10 investment will allow organizations to move beyond compliance to achieve competitive Advantage. The cost of doing nothing may be greater than implementation. So why delay?


The course aims to provide audience with an overview of medical coding, overview of ICD-10’s guidelines for diagnostic coding and reporting


  • Transition to ICD-10 from ICD-9
  • ICD-10’s guidelines for diagnostic coding and reporting
  • Effects on clinical documentation
  • Effects on physician reimbursement
  • Impact on overall health quality and patient care
  • Comparison on ICD-9-CM to ICD-10-CM
  • Hands exercises and case studies
  • Common Coding Errors: Sequencing, etc.

Course Outline

ICD-10 Introduction

  • Purpose of ICD-10 Coding
  • History of International Classification of Diseases
  • ICD-10, the chronological successor to ICD-9 Terminology
  • ICD CM Overview
  • Structure of ICD-10CM compared to ICD-9-CM
  • Differences between ICD-10-CM and ICD-9-CM
  • Format of ICD-10-CM
  • Symbols & Color coding

ICD-10-CM Guidelines for coding & Reporting

  • Conventions, general coding guidelines and chapter specific guidelines
  • Selection of principal diagnosis
  • Reporting additional diagnosis
  • Diagnostic coding and reporting guidelines for outpatient service

Tabular List – Chapter specific guidelines, ICD-10-CM

  • Infections and parasitic diseases. Neoplasms
  • Diseases of blood and blood-forming
  • Organs and certain disorders involving the immune mechanism
  • Endocrine, Nutritional and Metabolic diseases
  • Mental and behavioral disorders
  • Diseases of Nervous system, eye and ednexa, ear and mastoid process, circulatory system, respiratory system, skin and subcutaneous tissue, musculoskeletal system and connective tissue tenancy, childbirth, and puerperium
  • certain conditions origination in the perinatal period
  • congenital malformations, deformations, and chromosomal abnormalities
  • symptoms, signs, and abnormal clinical
  • Laboratory findings not elsewhere classified
  • Injury, poisoning, and certain other consequences of external cause

Alphabetic Index

  • Neoplasm Chart
  • Table of Drugs and chemicals
  • external cause of injuries index
  • list of three-digit categories

Medical Record Documentation

  • Complete documentation

Medical Record documentation

  • Correct Medical Coding
  • Appropriate reimbursement

How do coders code

  • Common coding errors: sequencing, principal diagnosis, specificity, missed diagnosis, modifiers
  • ICD-10 coding errors: level of services, preventive Vs new/established
  • E/M coding errors

Liability and legal issues

  • Coding credential
  • Coding resources
  • Tests
  • Certificate distribution

Course Plan

  • 35% Lectures & Theories
  • 40% Workshops, Assessments, Group Work & Exercises
  • 20% Role Play & Case Studies
  • 05% Videos
  • Pre-Test and Post Test
  • Test Results Sheet
  • Trainee Performance Analysis Reports

Training Methodology

  • Case Studies
  • Group Discussions
  • Group & Individual exercise
  • Intensive Workshop by using templates, Diagrams & Charts
  • Planning Activities
  • Presentations
  • Self Assessments
  • Assignments
  • Combine case studies, and analysis of real world examples
  • Action plan

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