Idea Development: Create and Implement Innovative Ideas

Idea Development: Create and Implement Innovative Ideas

Date/Time: Date(s) - 19/10/2022 - 21/10/2022( 8:00 am - 5:00 pm )
Location: Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur

Learn how organizations identify, evaluate and select new ideas and strategies to bring the best idea to market.


Identifying and taking new ideas to market is crucial for the success of any economy. Yet, organizations are often unable to convert ideas into beneficial outcomes.

In this training, we begin by looking at how organizations identify and evaluate new ideas, including approaches that allow them to evaluate and select the best ideas for implementation. We will:

  • discuss the role of uncertainty in idea management;
  • consider the importance of the market and the role of existing resources; and
  • discuss how the selection of ideas shapes the nature of resources available for future ideas.

The course will also cover managing intellectual property protection and portfolios.

From the start of this course, we will take a stepped approach, offering participants the opportunity to test out each new concept and model against an idea or technology that they select (whether it’s an idea of their own or one that they are assisting someone to evaluate). By the end of this training, each participant will have undertaken a rapid, yet thorough assessment of the feasibility of taking an idea through to market.

What you’ll learn

  • The importance of new ideas and knowledge to economic growth,
  • The role of uncertainty in the innovation process and strategies for managing it,
  • Approaches to evaluate and select ideas,
  • The importance of considering a portfolio of ideas including how existing resources shape the selection of ideas and in turn how the selection of ideas influences the resource base,
  • How ideas and other forms of intellectual property can be protected.


1: Ideas, opportunities, knowledge and innovation

Introduction to the core concepts discussed in the module

2: From ideas to economic growth

Different approaches to conceptualizing the role of the entrepreneur in the process of developing and bringing ideas to market

3: Approaches to evaluate and select ideas

Strategies for assessing the feasibility of ideas

4: Markets – Creation and assessment

The role of the market – whether it needs to be created or entered into – for the identification and evaluation of innovative ideas

5: Resource-based view and the development of innovative ideas

Drawing on resources and capabilities for the development of a pipeline of innovative ideas

6: Experimentation, learning from small bets and testing in parallel

Using market feedback to evaluate the potential of ideas

7: Managing the innovation pipeline

Maintain competitiveness in existing markets, seeding the pipeline of innovations for maintaining future growth

8: Protecting intellectual property

Introduces the importance of IP, IP protection options (IPRs), selecting the right option, managing IP generation

9: Commercialization feasibility

12-step framework for assessing commercialization feasibility

10: Challenges and strategies for managing under uncertainty

Resilience, escalation of commitment and contingency planning

Training Methodology

  • Case Studies.
  • Individual and group discussions and exercises.
  • Intensive training by using templates, diagrams, and charts.
  • Planning activities and presentations.
  • Self-assessments.
  • Action plan.

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