Managing & Leading Strategic Marketing, Public Relations & Communication

Date/Time: Date(s) - 10/06/2019 - 14/06/2019( 8:00 am - 1:00 pm )
Location: Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur

Course Outcome

  • Understand the marketing framework of a business organization
  • Focus on best practices, tools and models to implement an effective marketing and sales management system
  • Emphasize planning and executing advanced marketing strategies
  • Develop strategies, initiatives and programs to build and sustain a competitive market advantage
  • The tools and techniques required to manage reputation in a complex media environment
  • How to manage knowledge within the business for effective media management
  • How to shape external perceptions of your organization by first class corporate internal communications
  • How to develop a strategic approach and a clear plan of action
  • To set Corporate Affairs in strategic anticipatory and effective context
  • To develop an understanding of stakeholder programs for regular, focused communication
  • Examine the development of Corporate Affairs tools
  • Understanding the development of strategy/plans/tactics and coordinating these
  • Evaluation and the use of research

Section 1: Professional Marketing

Unit 1: Marketing Concepts

  • Evolution of the Marketing Concept
  • Relationship between Marketing and Selling
  • Scope of Marketing Management – Analyzing Opportunities, Selecting Target Segments, Developing Market Mix, Managing the Marketing Effort

Unit 2: Marketing Strategy and Planning

  • Types of Marketing Strategies
  • The Marketing Audit
  • Competitive Analysis (PESTLE, PORTER, SWOT, TOWS)
  • Marketing Plans and Planning

Unit 3: Advertising and Distribution

  • Understanding the Communication Process
  • Major Advertising Decisions, AIDA and the Buyer-Readiness Stages, Types of Media Research and Selection, Copy Illustration and Message Design
  • The Sales Promotion Mix; Push versus Pull Strategies
  • Physical Distribution and Channels of Distribution; Emerging Trends of Direct Marketing

Unit 4: Managing Product Life Cycles

  • Introducing the Product Life Cycle Concept (PLC)
  • Product and Promotion Mix Strategies Across the Stages of the PLC
  • Analysis of a Relative Market Share Matrix

Unit 5: Market Segmentation

  • Basis of Market Segmentation
  • Positioning and Targeting for Results
  • Tips for Successful Segmentation

Unit 6: Marketing Research

  • Marketing Research Defined
  • The Marketing Research Process
  • Types and Sources of Data
  • Designing, Analyzing, Interpreting, and Reporting the Research Findings

Section 2: Public Relations

Unit 1 – Introduction and Welcome: The Power of Communication

  • Introduction and welcome
  • Course programmed, design and options
  • Opening exercise: Goal setting
  • Corporate Affairs and Public Affairs approaches
  • Corporate identity and image
  • Corporate communications overview and strategy
  • External reputation management Communication as a change agent
  • Communication as goal for all managers

Unit 2 – From the Inside Out: Crafting Consistent Messages

  • Internal communications
  • Family and friends as Stakeholder
  • Measuring emotional capital
  • Communications channels mapping and monitoring
  • Setting internal communications goals
  • New media for rapid interaction
  • Champions, opinion formers and incentivisation
  • The place of the company magazine/newsletter
  • The multinational internal communications program
  • Commitment from internal decision makers

Unit 3 – Risks and Threats: Their Identification and Management

  • Single issue politics
  • Special interest groups
  • Whistleblowers and the rules of disclosure
  • External opinion formers
  • Cause related PR and core values
  • Campaigns, their design and planning
  • A crisis management toolkit
  • Stakeholder interest inventories
  • Opinion former networks

Unit 4 – Corporate Affair/PR in the Corporate Mix

  • PR in the communications mix
  • PR in the marketing mix
  • Direct response PR
  • Financial PR
  • PR and strategy
  • Brand PR
  • Persuasion measurement techniques
  • Integrating PR/Communications and marketing plans
  • The art of leveraging
  • Corporate affairs and customer relations

Unit 5 – Powerful and Persuasive Action Planning

  • Measurement of performance: bottom line impact
  • Translating strategy to tactics
  • Horizons for PR and corporate affairs development
  • Tools and Techniques summary: a tactical inventory
  • Recruiting allies: a networking approach
  • Justifying the plan and convincing top management
  • Making the most of other disciplines to maximize results
  • Individual and group consultancy
  • Further sources of help and information


  • 35% Lectures & Theories
  • 40% Workshops, Assessments, Group Work & Exercises
  • 20% Role Play & Case Studies
  • 05% Videos
  • Pre-Test and Post Test
  • Test Results Sheet
  • Trainee Performance Analysis Reports


  • Case Studies
  • Group Discussions
  • Group & Individual exercise
  • Intensive Workshop by using templates, Diagrams & Charts
  • Planning Activities
  • Presentations
  • Self Assessments
  • Assignments
  • Combine case studies, and analysis of real world examples
  • Action plan


WPCS 1.1.3




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