Refinery Process Optimization Using Response Surface Methodology (RSM)

Refinery Process Optimization Using Response Surface Methodology (RSM)

Date/Time: Date(s) - 14/09/2022 - 16/09/2022( 8:00 am - 5:00 pm )
Location: Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur


  • Understand the issues and principles of response surface methodology in optimizing a process
  • Know the first order and second order response surface how to find the direction of steepest ascent (or descent) to maximize (or minimize) the response
  • Know how to deal with several responses simultaneously (Multiple Response Optimization)
  • Look for the factor level combinations that give the maximum yield and minimum costs in a refinery setting

Training outlines

Factorial Design (FD)

  • Terminology
  • Level of independent variable (IV)
  • FD main effect and interaction
  • Interpreting tables & graph
  • First and second order response designs
  • FD examples

Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)

  • Regression models
  • Least squares estimation
  • Regression sums of squares and inferences
  • Lack of fit
  • One and two way ANOVA
  • Methods for the analysis
  • F and t tests

Response Surface Methodology (RSM)

  • RSM one variable
  • Multi factor design
  • Central Composite Design (CCD)
  • Box-Behnken
  • 3 Level factorial
  • Fractional design
  • D-optimal

RSM Optimization

  • Application of RSM in refinery processing
  • Optimization of response functions
  • Locating the optimum response
  • Ridge analysis
  • Refinery case study

Training Methodology

  • Case Studies
  • Individual and group discussions and exercises
  • Intensive training by using templates, diagrams and charts
  • Planning activities and presentations
  • Self Assessments
  • Action plan

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