Technical Project Management

Technical Project Management

Date/Time: Date(s) - 15/06/2020 - 19/06/2020( 8:00 am - 2:00 pm )
Location: Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur

Technical Project Management

Applying Professional Project Management Practices To Technical Projects


  • Project Evaluation
  • Project Estimating and budgeting
  • Appropriate knowledge of the concepts of project planning
  • Elements of Successful Control Systems
  • Techniques for Project Control
  • Project Reporting

Who Should Attend?

Technical Project Management training course is intended for individuals who want to hone their project management skills. So whatever background you have (i.e. Oil & Gas, Engineering, Information Technology or Business), this training course will cover both fundamental principles and modern tools of project management.


Overview of Project Management

  • Projects in Contemporary Organisations
  • The Nature and Context of Project Management
  • Benefits of Project Management
  • Possible Sources of Variance
  • The Project Control Cycle
  • Project Delivery Systems

Project Estimating

  • Developing a Work Breakdown Structure
  • Risk Terminology
  • Objective and Subjective Risk Assessment
  • Basic Techniques for Handling risk
  • Cost Fundamentals
  • Cost Estimation: Approximate and Detailed Estimates
  • Direct and Indirect Costs

Project Planning

  • Fundamentals of Project Planning
  • Network Analysis Techniques
  • Critical Path Scheduling
  • Resource Allocation
  • Resource Leveling
  • Compressing Schedules
  • Monitoring and Control using Networks

Project Control

  • What is a Control System?
  • The Concept of Variance
  • Time-cost Trade Off
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Earned Value Management

Project Reporting & Advanced Topics

  • Economic Evaluation of Projects
  • Interest & Bid Unbalancing
  • Integration of Estimating, Planning & Control
  • Lean Project Management: Concept and Applications

Course Plan

  • 35% Lectures & Theories
  • 40% Workshops, Assessments, Group Work & Exercises
  • 20% Role Play & Case Studies
  • 05% Videos
  • Pre-Test and Post Test
  • Test Results Sheet
  • Trainee Performance Analysis Reports

Training Methodology

  • Case Studies
  • Group Discussions
  • Group & Individual exercise
  • Intensive Workshop by using templates, Diagrams & Charts
  • Planning Activities
  • Presentations
  • Self Assessments
  • Assignments
  • Combine case studies, and analysis of real world examples
  • Action plan

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